The First in a series of Visitors

Sun 4/10/2005

My sister Galen came up from Philadelphia this weekend. I thought it was going to rain the whole time she was here, but it ended up being SUPER BEAUTIFUL, so we spent most of her visit wandering around central park and talking. We also went to the Frick Museum which was pretty crazy.

So, yeah! I'm happy to announce that SPRING HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN NEW YORK CITY. It's sunny and breezy and there are little green baby leaves starting to sprout at the end of the tree branches. Kids, old people, young lovers, moms and dads, dogs, birds--they all seem a LOT happier (myself included).

I'm a little worried, with this late start though, that New York might decide to SKIP most of Spring and jump right into the heat and humidity of SUMMER. Ugggggggh. I might have to buy an air conditioner... Us Seattle folk ain't used to humidity...

Anyways, HAPPY SPRING!!!

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