Basewood wins the 2014 Prix Bulles De Cristal!

Wed 4/9/2014

A few weeks ago I was notified that the French edition of Basewood won this year's Prix Bulles De Cristal!

La Librarie L'Ange Bleu selects about a dozen graphic novels, which are split into two groups: half for 11-14 year-old readers and half for 15-18 year-old readers. The books are made available at libraries and schools all over the French-speaking world (France, Belgium, Quebec, etc.), so that middle school and high school students can read all the books. Thousands of students cast their vote for their favorite book and Basewood had the most votes this year in the 15-18 year-old category. Amazing!

I was honored to be nominated and I'm thrilled to have won. My French pal Matthias went to the ceremony in Paris last week and accepted the award on my behalf. He also took this photo of the award. I'm hoping this will encourage even more people to check out the French edition of Basewood... or the English version, too!

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Wow! Congratulations, Alec!

Arlene May07

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