Just when you thought it was safe...

Fri 4/22/2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gabe Carleton-Barnes has started a BLOG.

For those of you who don't know, Gabe has been working hard for about three years now at EcoTrust, but has now decided to "cash in all his chips." He's quit the job, moved out of his apartment, put some clothes and his Star Wars DVDs in a backpack and hit the road.

The plan is to head down the West Coast for a few weeks and then come out to New York to hang out with me for A MONTH and then head out to Spain where his father and step mom are living for the year (on sebaticle). He'll then use that as his "home base" to travel all over Europe. I'd say something like "Lucky Bastard" but the truth is Gabe has worked his ass off and deserves a nice long break.

Anyways, I'm EXTREMELY excited that Gabe will be keeping a blog, as he has a real knack for having adventures, so we'll all get to tag along vicariously. Also, it'll be funny to see how moments we share together will be recorded on two seperate blogs. DUELING BLOGS! HOOF!

I had my last day of work at the AIGA today. Only one more week of work and then I am FREE for the whole month of May, which at this point, ESPECIALLY now that I have Star Wars tickets is really shaping up to be one of the all-time best months of my LIFE.

Gabe, Philly, Weezer Album, Weezer Live, Vermont, Star Wars Epsiode III Revenge of the Sith?


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