Webbigail AKA Webby

Mon 9/29/2014

Claire and I went down to the pound on Thursday to pick out a new cat. We chose the little fuzzball you see above, and named her Webbigail (after the character from Duck Tales). She was an owner surrender, I guess because she was being picked on by another cat. Everyone at the pound told us that she had been really shy when she first showed up but eventually she came out of her shell. When we met her, she hopped right out of her cage and played with us and let us pet her. Good enough for us! And Webby is seven years old, safely putting her well outside the age range of cats who can develop FIP. Hopefully this will mean that we'll have her for a good long time.

Now that she's at home, she has been a bit shy, mostly hiding under the couch. But at night she comes out and plays with us and let's us pet her, so we're confident that she'll come around eventually, once she settles in. She's very sensitive to sound, so if the dog upstairs barks or a motorcycle goes by outside - ZIFF! - she's back under the couch. Hopefully once she feels safe here, she will mellow out a bit.

There's lots of other stuff going on too. Phase 7 #019 is at the printer right now, just in time for APE. (If you are a Phase 7 subscriber and you moved recently, please send me your new address!!!) I'm also juggling a bunch of illustration projects right now, all of which have the same deadline. That seems to be how it always goes... Anyway, I'll post more about that stuff later. For now I just wanted to let everyone know we got a new cat! I'm posting photos of her in my Flickr account if you're into that kind of stuff!

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