Broken Age is out!

Tue 5/12/2015

As a follow up to my 2,000-word post about video games from last year, I just wanted to say that Double Fine released their new adventure game Broken Age last week, and I have played it, and it is FANTASTIC.

I loved the story, and the characters, and the writing, and the art style, and all the puzzles. The simple addition of being able to switch between two characters felt like a huge leap forward for adventure games. Whenever I was stuck on a puzzle, I'd just switch over to the other character and make progress on their storyline.

Since my last video game post, Double Fine has also made the documentary about the making of Broken Age available to the general public, via YouTube. It's an amazing glimpse into all the hard work that it takes to make a game like this.

Now that they have an adventure game engine built, I hope this will be the first of many such adventure games that Double Fine puts out. I guess time will tell!

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