Tue 4/26/2005

They FIIIIIIIINALLY fixed our elevator!!! I don't think I've mentioned it up until now, because I didn't want to sound all whiney, but our elevator has been out of commission for like FOUR MONTHS now. That wouldn't be SUCH a big deal, except we live on the SIXTH floor, so it can get a little old. Especially on Saturday mornings when I'd do my errands...

1) Down 6 flights of stairs carrying dirty laundry
2) Laundromat (wash), Bank, Library, Post Office, back to Laundromat (dry), Grocery Store
3) Up 6 flights of stairs carrying groceries
4) Down 6 flights of stairs back to Laundromat (pick up)
5) Up 6 flights of stairs carrying clean laundry

I would be back in the apartment by 11am and wouldn't want to leave the house for the rest of the day! So it's SUPER COOL that it's all fixed. I'm all about mechanical advantage.

"Lifted" also refers to my MOOD today. I've been really down the last couple of days for no particular reason, but then tonight I went to this Comics Fair at The School of Visual Arts which was SO COOL. I brought a stack of minis and did a BUNCH of trading. I walked out of there with a stack of super cool Comics by the art students and I didn't have to pay a dime!

(Also a bunch of people had read PHASE 7 before, or remembered me from SPX, or had seen my Comic in "Hey 4-Eyes" which felt really good!) COMICS! WOO!!!

Now if I can just make it through the rest of this week, I will be all set. A few days to draw draw draw and then all hell will break loose when the GCB rolls into town next Tuesday!

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