Wed 5/20/2015

Today I finished painting the last of my 100 Watercolors, after seven years of working on the project. The remainder of these paintings will continue to auto-post every Tuesday and Thursday over on my illustration blog, but for me the project is pretty much wrapped up!

This is one of a few such big projects that has recently come to a close, including a busy semester of teaching. It's shaping up to be a very busy summer for me as well, with two weeks of June spent in Vermont teaching Summer Workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies and three weeks of July in San Fransisco teaching the summer intensive at the California College of the Arts MFA Comics program.

It is in this moment, as a lot of things are ending and a lot of new things are about to begin, that my wife Claire and I are finally going to take our much-delayed honeymoon! It kind of feels like it's now or never, so we are heading to England for two weeks. Neither of us have ever been before and we are both extremely excited. We leave tomorrow.

I am going to take lots of photos so I can write a big post about our trip upon our return, but for now, this post serves as an official notice that all Phase 7 and Drop Target orders will not be sent out until I return, and I don't plan on answering too many emails on this trip either. You have been forewarned, internet!

To England!!!

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