Here We Go Again

Sun 6/28/2015

Late last night I returned from two weeks in Vermont, where I was teaching summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies. It was a busy stretch, with days spent teaching and nights being used to try and put together the last issue of Drop Target with Jon Chad. (NOTE: we did not get it done - it'll be available in early August!)

While I was gone, some big news auto-posted over on my illustration blog. My wife Claire and I are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of July! The Bay Area is quickly becoming too expensive and Santa Fe seemed like a natural place to head next, since both of Claire's parents still live there. It's going to be an adventure! As you can see here, the packing process has already begun....

In between now and the move, I will be very busy teaching at the month-long intensive for the CCA Comics MFA program here in San Francisco. I'm looking forward to meeting a new group of students and to help them shape their thesis projects.

This is all to say that things might be pretty quiet around here until August, at which point we should be set up in our new place... wherever that may be!

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Good luck with the move, Alec :)

Sean Jun28

Thanks Sean!

Alec Jul03

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