"Graphic Novel" freakout

Thu 10/8/2015

I have been thinking a lot lately about the term "graphic novel" and was mentally preparing a blog post about it, but then last week I kind of freaked out and posted all my thoughts on twitter instead. I thought I'd repost all those tweets here, in a row, so that they're at least collected in one place.

Of course, after I posted all these, some of my cartoonist friends said that they do like the term "Graphic Novel" and that for many of them, it has morphed to take on the meaning of "long comic book." I don't argue that point, but I still don't like the origins of the term!

Anyway, on Wednesday I successfully made it through a half hour interview with Jamie Tanner at Kickstarter talking about Basewood without using the term "Graphic Novel." I'm going to try and continue this practice when talking about my own work.

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