November 2015

Tue 11/24/2015

Yikes! I blinked my eyes and November is almost over. There is a lot going on right now, so I'm not surprised everything feels like it's moving fast...

My heavy Fall semester teaching load is slowly starting to wrap up. It will be a relief once I have all my grades turned in, which will (hopefully!) free up a precious week or two to finish off a few last projects that I'm hoping to get done before the baby arrives, including Phase 7 #021.

Claire is 34 weeks pregnant, and getting bigger every day. We have been taking a birthing class and are both reading a lot of pregnancy books, and getting everything around the house ready for our daughter's arrival.

For Thanksgiving we are heading out into the desert with Claire's mom to spend the holiday with Claire's grandparents. Her grandmother turns 100 years old in about a week, so it will also be a birthday celebration. That is my very last trip of the year and then we are just settled here, waiting for the baby.

I've cleared my schedule in January and February and I am trying to go into this experience with no expectations, so I can just adapt to whatever is going to happen. I feel like I'm about as prepared as I can be at this point!

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Wow! I hope Claire's grandma has a a very happy birthday! I don't have kids, so I can't give you advice, but I do remember being a kid and my greatest heartbreak was how my dad thought he could replace being there for me with money and gifts. Kids just want a dad who is there being himself. You could just be binge-watching Harry Potter movies; it doesn't matter. They just need you there. Sounds pretty easy. But it means the world to a kid.

Arlene O Nov24

Great advice, Arlene! I feel very fortunate that I work from home, so I will be able to spend A LOT of time with my daughter. Binge watching Harry Potter movies sounds pretty fun... :) I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Alec Nov24

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