Sun 1/17/2016

Yesterday at 4:31pm Claire gave birth to our daughter Suzanne Sanders Longstreth. This name will not come as a shock to my close friends. We named her after my all-time favorite song, Susanne by Weezer... but we thought it would be cool if she had a "Z" in her name!

The baby was delivered by our midwife Anna, at the Southwest Care Birth Center, with Claire's mom, Ellie, acting as our doula. The cutoff for Claire having the baby at the birthcenter was 42 weeks, after which point we'd have to go to the hospital. Suzanne was born at 41 weeks and 6 days, with a little help (Anna ruptured Claire's bag of waters, which finally kicked off the labor).

It was a crazy, intense experience and I am so proud of Claire, who did an amazing job. We are now safely at home where she is recuperating and we are spending time, getting to know our new daughter.

So, yeah - I'm a DAD! It's going to be a crazy year. Thanks to everyone who sent congratulatory notes over twitter! It was great celebrating online with everyone!

Okay, I better go see how my daughter is doing! It may be quiet around here for a few weeks while we adjust to our new routine (or lack thereof!)

UPDATE: I set up a Flickr album for photos of Suzanne if anyone would like to see more!

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Woooohooooo! Suzy is a cutie.

Nate Jan17

Yeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!! What an amazing fam!

Aaron Jan18

She might be intentionally named after the Weezer song "Susanne", but she's accidentally named after the Ramones song "Suzy is a Headbanger", and that's a good thing! (and true too, her mother is a geek)

Liz P Jan18

Oh! So sweet!

Arlene O Jan22

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