Lindsay SHARP, Y'all!

Thu 4/28/2005

Lindsay is finishing up her TWO YEARS of living in Japan and she just got back from a trip to CHINA. She took a bunch of pictures and just added captions, which are REALLY COOL, so people should go check them out. It's cool that she's there, but it'll be EVEN COOLER when she's back home with us again.

Also, (I feel I should share this with everybody) Lindsay and I were chatting last night and she revealed to me that "HI-YA!" (the sound you make when you are karate-chopping something) in Japanese actually means "SO FAST!!!"


And they use it all the time I guess. Lindsay's example was if you were eating with your teacher and he ate his food REALLY fast you would say, "Hi Ya Sensei!" Like, "Whoa! You ate that SO FAST, teacher!"

Needless to say, I have been punching and kicking air for the last twenty-four hours shouting "SO FAST!!!" I might also sign emails that way for the rest of my life, just so people are forwarned. SO FAST!!!

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