Nine Days at Home

Wed 8/17/2016

It has been a busy summer for me, with a lot of travel, and it's not over yet! At the end of my three weeks of teaching in San Francisco, Claire and Suzanne joined me and we had a good time doing some of our favorite things in San Francisco and visiting with old friends. Then we headed up to Seattle on a 24-hour train ride (in a sleeper car - something we've always wanted to do!). We spent time with family and attended the wedding of an old family friend, David Engelberg, out on Whidbey Island. It was a lot of fun, but after a month on the road I was eager to finally get home.

While on my trip I finished my 12th sketchbook (shown above). This was the "bulking dummy" that my printer sent me for Basewood - essentially a blank copy of the book. Just like Basewood it had really nice, thick paper which was a dream to draw on, but also like Basewood it was 9"x12" and weighed 3 pounds... I am looking forward to moving on to my next (smaller! lighter!) sketchbook.

Our new home was in a state of half-disarray when we returned. Claire had to move about half of our stuff over to the house (with the help of her family) while I was out of town, so lots of things were still in boxes and our house (built in 1925 with many various additions over the years) has projects aplenty.

I've spent most of the last nine days trying to catch up on my backlog of work whilst also unpacking boxes and trying to tackle small projects around the house. To complicate things, our cat Webby got out of the house for about 24 hours, which was incredibly stressful. Luckily she found her way back home, which was a massive relief. Over the weekend we moved in some furniture that Claire's mom gave us, including an upright piano which I am incredibly excited about.

Tomorrow morning I'm hitting the road again, to attend part one of a wedding celebration for my old pal Aaron Renier up in Vancouver B.C. Part two happens in Wisconsin the weekend after that, which Claire and Suzanne will be attending as well.

That will wrap up my crazy summer... so that my busy fall can begin! I'll be home for five days before heading out to Viborg, Denmark for a week of teaching at The Animation Workshop and then five days after that I head to SPX! Here's hoping I can catch my breath in October. Phew!

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