Another Big Bottle of Ink

Tue 10/4/2016

Back in 2007 I finished off a 32 oz. bottle of ink that I bought back in 2002 when I first started drawing comics seriously. I drew about 600 pages of comics with that ink. The last couple of months with that bottle were a real slog, because the ink had become very thick and sludge-like. When it finally ran out I bought a 16 oz. bottle of ink, thinking that I would use it up more quickly and therefore not have to deal with the same problem.

Well, nine years later, I finally finished up that 16 oz. bottle of ink! By my estimates, somehow, I still drew more than 600 pages of comics with half as much ink. My guess is that the completion of Basewood had something to do with this (smaller pages, less ink) and also the ink going a bit further (not turning into sludge towards the end). Anyway, the math broke down to about .02 oz. per page of comics!

All my hectic summer travel wrapped up and I have been enjoying my time at home with Claire and Suzanne. As freelancers, we traditionally work seven days a week, but we have been trying to set aside some time on Sundays to work on projects around the house. I started a new Flickr album to document some of these undertakings. This weekend my father-in-law and I are going to put a skylight in the kitchen which should brighten things up considerably.

I'm 37 today, hurtling towards 40 at the speed of time. This year has gone by faster than any I can remember. 36 was a big one! Suzanne arrived and we bought this house. I'm looking forward to what will hopefully be a calmer year, putting some roots down here in Santa Fe.

I'm working on a bunch of cool stuff right now, but I'll wait until some of it is finished so that I can share it with a proper post. I hope everyone is having a good fall so far!

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