Six Day Cold

Tue 5/3/2005

Aggh--I have to be more vigilant about blogging here, as the updates are going to be coming FAST and FURIOUS in the coming days/weeks.

So last Thursday night I ate dinner and then proceeded to spend the rest of the night trying NOT to throw up. I woke up Friday morning and was sick as a dog. Pounding headache, runny nose, sore throat + coughing... GOOD TIMES. My body always seems to do this. If I am stressed out or working hard for a long period of time it will wait until RIGHT when I'm done and then get sick.

Anyways, so this weekend I took it REALLY easy, sleeping a lot, drinking Orange Juice, Tea and water in massive ammounts and drawing Comics. I was determined to be well by the time Gabe arrived in New York City!

And I'm glad to announce that I woke up this morning feeling about 95% healthy. So I think I've kicked it. WOO! Take that germs! SO FAST!!!

This month's itinerary for Gabe and me is INSANE. Instead of telling you all about it, I'll just report it as it happens. Also, tonight marks the beginning of the DUELING BLOGS -- Gabe and I both reporting on similar events in two different blogs! So make sure to check his blog, for a counterpoint to my swearing, exclamation points and overt use of CAPS LOCK.

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