Super Rabbit!

Wed 7/12/2017

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Roger Rabbit was secretly a super hero? WELL NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT!!!

In 5th grade, I drew a Roger Rabbit fan-fiction comic for my 5th grade English class, when I was 12. It's called Super Rabbit and I just posted the whole thing over in the comics section of this site.

This was the project that culminated from a debate with my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Shoemaker, about whether or not comics counted towards my class's reading requirements. You can read more about this struggle and my eventual victory on pages 8 and 9 of Phase 7 #010.

This comic went on to win a blue ribbon at a local art competition. For the event, my mother had the whole comic framed - all six pages mounted under a giant piece of glass. This was great, because they have been preserved these 25 years, but this week I figured out a better use for that frame, and so decided to carefully remove them so I could scan and post them here.

I hope you enjoy checking out one of my earliest cartooning efforts, and probably my first-ever finished comic!

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