A-L.com 3.0!!!

Mon 9/13/2004

Well, here it is, the 3rd official revision of alec-longstreth.com!!! To my mind, this website is a lot like the SECOND Death Star right now. It kind of still has some holes on the front of it, and it doesn't look PERFECT, but really, it can do all that it needs to do (the weapons systems are fully operational, if you know what I mean). So...YEAH. Enjoy!--poke around. Most of you have probably seen the majority of the content, it's just easier to navigate now. And the rest of it will be up soon enough!

A big thanks needs to go out to Nate Beaty for doing all the coding and php fancy stuff for the site. He's helping me get the site into shape and already dreaming up new and better ways to present this information! 4.0 is gonna RULE!

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