Star Wars: Episode VIII

Thu 12/14/2017

Two years ago, my best friends from college all came to Santa Fe to watch Star Wars: Episode VII. We had watched all the Star Wars prequels together and wanted to keep the tradition alive. Claire was very pregnant at the time, so Santa Fe was naturally chosen as the place to meet for The Force Awakens. The plan was then to meet up in Madison, Wisconsin for the next movie.

Well, circle wipe to two years later and Claire is once again quite pregnant! My incredibly generous, dedicated friends are once again joining us in Santa Fe to see Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. I tried to protest, but they insisted that it was so much fun last time, we had to do it again.

But here's the catch: They can't get here until the night of December 20th. (!!?!)

So even though the movie comes out tomorrow night at midnight, I AM GOING TO (somehow) WAIT UNTIL THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY TO SEE THE MOVIE.

It will be absolutely worth it, because as far as I'm concerned, it's not the movie, but the people you see it with. Also at this point, I don't have anything left to prove in the Star Wars arena.

But! This does mean that I am going to be hardcore avoiding ANY AND ALL spoilers by any means necessary! At midday tomorrow I'm going to turn off all my social media stuff for a week (honestly, that will be a relief) and I will be avoiding any magazine/radio/TV/web reviews. Friends! Please do not email/call/text me about the movie until after the 21st!!!

Thanks, and I hope everyone has fun watching the movie! May the Force Be With You.

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With such a divisive response from fans, I'm curious what your thoughts were on the movie?

Dev Apr10

I LOVED the movie, and was shocked to find out later that there were Star Wars fans who did not enjoy the film! Half way through the movie I had the thought "This is the best Star Wars movie I have ever seen..." My love of Star Wars borders on the unconditional, however. While I understand that the prequels were not of the same quality of storytelling exhibited in the original trilogy, I still enjoyed them immensely. As long as there are people running around with lightsabers, I'm all in!

Alec Apr10

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