Sun 4/29/2018

Hello, hello! Well, three months after my last post, our family has now grown by one member. My daughter Wendy was born on March 9th. She waited until well after Claire's due date, into the 41st week (just like her big sister Suzanne did) but then, on the night of her birth, she was ready! It was a dramatic, lightning-quick 20-minute labor. Our midwife had warned us that second births could be a bit faster, and with Suzanne's birth taking 8 hours, we were thinking like maybe 2 hours? Nope! 20 minutes from Claire's water breaking to holding the baby in her arms!

Wendy is thriving and Claire made a speedy recovery - she's already back on her bike zipping around town and this week she started to get back to work. Suzanne has been great with Wendy so far. The only way Wendy's arrival seems to be disrupting Suzanne's routine is that she hasn't been sleeping as well since Wendy was born. We're all pretty tired these days, and trying to just make it through this first rough stretch. Hopefully things will be a bit more calm in the fall.

The Spring semester at the Center for Cartoon Studies wraps up this week. I have been thesis advising two MFA-canidates, so now that they are done I am shifting gears to begin preparing for my Beginning Animation workshop which runs from July 9-13. I am really excited to teach that class again! If you have ever wanted to try your hand at traditional 2D animation, come join me in Vermont! It will be a lot of fun.

Other than that, it's just trying to put in an hour a day at the drawing table to keep up with my comics projects, get a little sleep when I can, and spending a lot of time with all my girls. Onwards!

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OMG...live animation!!!!!

Ali Fujino Apr30

Sleep when they sleep. Just don't finish their food. You'll get a big gut. Heh-heh. Just kidding.

Congrats, Alec!

Dev Jul18

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