The City of Sisterly Love

Tue 5/10/2005

Well, Gabe and I had a great weekend in Philadelphia visiting my sister Galen. On the trip down I was able to get some good work done on The Dvorak Zine because we went by TRAIN. We got into Philly and walked over to the school where my sister teaches kindergarden. I got to see her classroom for the first time which was pretty cool... They had little baby CHICKS under a heat lamp which I was TOTALLY mezmorized by. (Just when you thought you had forgotten that I'm OBSESSED with chickens!) The weirdest thing by far was that Galen's handwriting (which I know from letters, etc) was ALL OVER the classroom on alphabets and labels and kids' drawings and directions and stuff (because she is a KINDERGARDEN TEACHER, you know?) It was cool.

Anyways, the weekend was very chill and relaxed. We ate some good food, watched some movies, visited my Grandma and wandered around Philly. The two major hilights (I thought) were a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary and a BEAUTIFUL two mile hike through the woods, along a river (JUST what this city boy needed!).

The Penitentiary is this giant crazy castle-like RUIN, that used to be a Quaker prison. It was the first "modern" building in the world (with plumbing and heating) and has a really interesting history. It's also SUPER CREEPY because most of it is falling apart. We did the audio tour, which was pretty cool. Also there were a few artist installations, including one with a bunch of "ghost cat" sculptures scattered througout the prison, which Gabe decided to try and get pictures of (EVERY one of the 39 cats). Definitely worth a trip if anyone is in Philly!

And yeah, being out in the woods again was really nice. We walked from my Grandmother's house in Chestnut Hill back to Galen's house in Manayunk through some park that I can't remember the name of. It was really great though. It's been so long since I've been out in ANYTHING resembling "nature." It made me really excited about our trip next week to Vermont!

So Gabe and I came back Sunday evening to host a gigantic Star Wars: Episode I - "The Phantom Menace" viewing. There were about 12(?) people there to watch it and get the "Alec & Gabe commentary." Those prequels can be a bit confusing, so we did our best to explain it, so everyone will be up-to-speed when Episode III comes out in EIGHT DAYS.

Speaking of countdowns... I HAVE THE NEW WEEZER ALBUM!!! (and I REALLY like it). Gabe and I met Asher at the record store last night at midnight to get it. My hopes of meeting a bunch of cute girls there, who would ALSO be waiting for the weezer album, were dashed as we arrived and found that the new DAVE MATHEWS BAND album also came out last night. (?!) So there was one non-weezer girl there, with her Dad and some heavy-set, slightly balding mid-30s guy. Ah well, you can't win them all...

So, YES! I have ONE DAY to rock out and learn all the lyrics and then tomorrow night we're seeing them in concert! KA BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

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