Sat 2/29/2020

At the end of last year when we were all really sick, our pediatrician told us that while Suzanne is in preschool we should expect her to get 10-12 colds a year (i.e. once a month). I've been reminding myself of this over and over, and so, when she got a cold in the first week of February, I was not surprised or upset, I just took care of her and helped her get better. Wendy got it too, but Claire and I managed to escape that round!

Wendy and Suzanne are playing together more and more, which is very heartwarming, if not sometimes a little stressful (fighting over the same toy, only wanting something because the other one has it, lots of yelling, etc). The good times far outweigh the bad, but I'm also reading some parenting books right now to try and figure out more techniques for dealing with meltdowns. It seems like a lot of it is just communication, and making sure everyone feels heard.

Wendy is growing so fast. Every day she learns a new word or two, and she is constantly in motion, running around the house, dancing (spinning in a circle), doing laps around the house. I'm trying to soak up these last few baby days before she's off to the races with her big sister.

We're not fully out of winter yet here in Santa Fe, but we have been getting a few nice days (sunny, in the 50s) in between bursts of snow. Claire and I ripped up some of the extra pallets from the delivery of Isle of Elsi and have been using the wood for various projects around the house. The first was building a new outdoor table for the girls. Their old one (built out of an old hollow-core door) was destroyed in the Santa Fe sun. Hopefully this new one, built out of solid wood with a coat of paint on it, will last a lot longer!

I also built a little outside step stool, which makes it possible for Suzanne to help with the chicken chores: dumping in table scraps and checking for eggs! Claire built a planter box so we can grow some veggies in the backyard when things warm up, and then I nailed together a bunch of leftover pallet wood to build a new shade covering for the chicken run.

On the self-publishing front, I finally finished up all my Kickstarter paintings and order fulfillment this month. With that done, it was time to set up the Isle of Elsi Store page. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign you can now order copies of the hardback book, the eBook and the Activity Book.

I also found out I got into MoCCA 2020! So I'll be in New York City on April 4th and 5th selling copies of Isle of Elsi. If you are in the New York area please come check it out! According to my records (aka this blog), I've been attending this show since 2005 and I always have a great time, so I'm really looking forward to this trip!

Wendy rode her sister's balance bike for the first time a few days ago and had a blast (wait 'till she sees what she's getting for her birthday in a few days! ;)

Our oldest chicken, Camilla, has been very lethargic and sad-looking over the last few days. Henny and Penny continue to pick on her (both literally and figuratively), but even so she seems off. Her sisters Attila and Natasha have both long since died, so maybe her days are numbered... It makes me sad. She has always been my favorite chicken!

As I write this, both Suzanne and Wendy are sick again (fevers, runny noses, coughing). I guess they wanted to get a jump on next month's cold!

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P.S. The morning after I posted this, I found Camilla dead in the chicken coop. :(

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