Animate EVERY Day!

Sun 2/14/2021

My New Year's Resolution for 2021 was "Animate EVERY Day" (for 15 minutes or more). I actually started doing this back in October when I turned 41, and of course I've been drawing comics every day since July 2002. That has become so central to my art practice, and just "who I am" that I wasn't sure what it would feel like the process over again with a new medium. It has been amazing! It's so much easier to learn and get back into the flow on projects when I work on them a little bit every day.

I've been documenting my animation progress in a dedicated Instagram account, but back in January I also set up a vimeo page so that people who aren't on instagram can check out my animation work.

This also gives me the capability to embed my animation projects on other sites... like this one! Here are all the original short animations that I created in 2020:

And here are all the animation exercises I completed from online courses, and out of various animation book (all listed in the video!).

It has been such an incredible stress relief to lean into this hobby during the pandemic. I am learning so much, and often the highlight of my day is getting to animate for 15-30 minutes after the girls are asleep and my work is done. It's like a tiny reward at the end of these long, challenging days of parenting, remote day job work, freelancing, and comics projects.

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