Phase 7 #024 is (finally) available for ordering!

Thu 4/22/2021

I finally overcame four months of pandemic inertia/torpor and got Phase 7 #024 up for ordering on the Phase Seven Comics website! It's 28 pages and costs $3 + shipping. You can read a free 7-page excerpt on the site (my 2020 Hourly Comics Day comics).

Since my last post, our cat Webby got super sick (like, she almost died - didn't eat or drink for days, stopped going to the bathroom, etc.) We took her to the vet and after $1,300 worth of tests they had ruled out many things but still had no idea what was going on. Back at home she slowly started act more like herself. Then finally one day she crapped out 16 inches of nylon thread (eaten off of Claire's sewing area in the studio - now safely locked in a box!). It was tangled into a few turds that she was dragging around the house, with one end still up inside her. Delightful! A few more inches of thread were passed yesterday - I hope to see the end of it soon (both figuratively and literally!).

Meanwhile, in the backyard Penny went broody for like the fourth time. She's ripping her own feathers out, clucking continuously, never leaving the coop, she stopped laying eggs but any time Henny lays one she obsessively sits on it, we have to physically push her off the nest so she'll go eat and drink, etc. etc. etc.

I feel like all the pets are somehow picking up on the general vibe of the pandemic right now and it's making them act crazy. I can relate, but wish they'd knock it off - I don't need the extra layer of stress right now!

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