Your Fade by E.C. Bolster

Wed 12/15/2021

Your Fade: The Corner of Safe and Never Made It by E.C. Bolster is now available for ordering!

I published this collection of 21 poems through my Phase Eight Publishing imprint. I try to publish one P8 book a year, but I couldn't manage it in 2020 because of all my extra childcare duties and pandemic work stress. This year I was enjoying E.C. Bolster's poetry in her instagram account and when I reached out, she was excited about making a collection of her poems, so we put it together. It's out in 2021 right at the buzzer!

On the book's webpage you can find a few sample poems, a video preview of the book, and ordering information for physical copies ($6) or a PDF eBook ($0+).

I'm very excited about this book and I hope to publish other poetry collections in the future. Check it out!

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