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Fri 12/31/2021

Well, after eighteen years of blogging, I'm throwing in the towel. This is my 839th post, bringing the average to about 46 posts a year. In reality, I posted once or twice a week for the first eight years, and then went down to once or twice a month for the last decade (even less when my kids arrived).

Over these 18 years I've seen the sharing of personal writing and photos go from zines, to blogs, to various social media platforms. Each passing year I find it less and less enjoyable to be online, and wish I could just delete all my various accounts. Alas, as a self-publisher, if I do not promote my new projects, no one will know about them, so social media seems like a necessary evil, at least for the time being.

This website is long overdue for a redesign, which will be happening in 2022. I plan to have a "news" section, where I will be able to announce projects, without feeling the need to talk too much about my personal life. I'm also hoping to be able to gather together these 18 years of blog posts into a book, even if just to print a single copy for myself.

If you somehow feel bummed about the death of this blog, here are some places I am currently active online:

  • Patreon - I write a monthly blog post for my Patreon supporters about my process for creating Isle of Elsi, including reviews of books, behind the scenes posts, podcast interviews with other creators, etc. It costs $1/month.
  • Instagram (Personal) - In my personal instagram account I post photos from my life (it's like my Flickr account circa 2007).
  • Instagram (Animation) - In my animation instagram account I post "work in progress" updates and final exports from my little animation projects.
  • The Phase Seven Comics Newsletter - Once or twice a year I write a newsletter that sums up everything I have been working on recently.

Anyway, thanks to all my past blog readers for your comments over the years! This always felt like an uncommonly respectful, supportive corner of the internet.

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You held the Fort for a long time ! Congrats and thanks for all these year of blogging. In the new version of your sit you should have an archive part were we can still go through all those years of blogging.

Max Jan01

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