The End of an Era...

Fri 5/20/2005

Well, it's over. I've seen the last episode of Star Wars.


I don't really know what to say. It was REALLY intense. REALLY intense. I mean I have spent the last 6 months or so trying to steel myself for all the horrible things that had to happen in this movie and I STILL wasn't ready for them.

I will say that it is an INCREDIBLE movie and BY FAR the best of the prequels. It also makes you appreciate the other prequels so much more. Because EVERYTHING that happens in Episode III is totally set up in the first two episodes. Also, George Lucas did SUCH an incredible job of tying up all the loose ends and bringing it all back to the original trilogy.

I really don't know what else to say. It is an INCREDIBLE film and everyone should really go see it.

As far as my "movie-going experience" it was pretty insane. Gabe and I showed up at the Zeigfeld at 11pm on Tuesday night. There was a charity organization that we had found out about two days earlier who had the first 350 tickets earmarked. So their whole group was "first" in line. Then there were two groups of 6 guys each ahead of us. Then our group was 12 people (see picture!)

We slept on the street with sleeping bags, which was fairly cold and uncomfortable. I think we each got about 2 hours of sleep. The line started getting a bit longer in the morning, but didn't really take off until the afternoon when people got out of work.

We had inadvertently chosen THE craziest theater in New York city. The media was EVERYWHERE. And since the charity organization was sort of spread out and disorganized, they usually came down to "our" section of the line. The guy that was holding place for the first 6 guys during the day was pretty UNenthused and the guy holding places for the SECOND group of guys was CERTIFIABLY CRAZY. So I ended up getting interviewed A LOT. Maybe by about 10 different TV stations and radio people?

The main one was "New York 1" which was running hourly segments from line. You can download read an article about us HERE (plus there's a little RealPlayer streaming video from TV with us in it, just below the title). Kelly saw us on TV and Grizzo said one of his friends heard us on the radio (in Oregon?) and then later Carolyn said that someone called her to say they had heard me on NPR in Ohio!?! So that was kind of crazy...

Our group showed up in a slow stagger throughout the day/night. Gabe and I were there at 11pm, Asher showed up the next morning by about 11am, Tom showed up by about 3pm, Sara came not too long after that, Noah came after work at about 7pm? Then FRUNCH showed up (fresh off a plane from SAN FRANCISCO) to a hero's welcome at about 8pm. Ramy and Farah joined up with us not long after that (from New Jersey!) and then Alexis arrived just before 11pm. We were JUST about to be let in the theatre and we were still waiting for Kelly and Carolyn (who had just flown in from OHIO) and then they arrived JUST in time. It all came off without a hitch! They let us in and Gabe and I BUSTED ASS to get some great seats (all my research paid off!!!) and then we watched the movie.

I was crying before the movie even started, just because it was the last episode of Star Wars and I didn't really stop until the movie was over and we were outside. It's just a really, really intense movie. Man...

So now it's over... I hung out all day yesterday with Carolyn and then late last night I went to see the movie again with Frunch and Gabe. I said good-bye to Carolyn (who GRADUATES in about a week!) and to Frunch and now I'm pretty sad... It's so nice to have a bunch of your friends together in one place. I couldn't have been happier with how things turned out. Thanks to all of you who joined me and for the REST of you, you gotta go see this movie!

ALSO, I should note that GABE'S BLOG ENTRY of this event is much more in-depth. If this is infact "dueling blogs" I think Gabe is kicking my ass!!! It's that damn digital camera of his (not to mention his razor sharp wit!) But yeah, plenty of pictures and funny stories can be found there!

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