Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Sat 5/21/2005 you can see here, I cut most of my hair off. Much to EVERYONE'S chagrin. I was trying to figure out a good time to cut it, or a good REASON to cut it. But then I asked too many people about it and everyone had their ideas and preferences for long hair and all that. So mostly just to STOP thinking about my hair and what I should do with it, I woke up early this morning and cut it all off without anyone being able to convince me otherwise. So now I can spend my time thinking about more important things...

So...yeah. I have been really sad for the last three days. I think I'm coming down off one of the biggest craziest highs of my life. Weezer, Star Wars, friends coming to visit, etc. Now I'm dealing with the fact that my life has to return to "normal." Gabe leaves in a week and then I have to head back to work.

Ah well, at least I can come home and draw listening to the new weezer album. And I'll have Episode III waiting for me on the weekends. Plus it's only 55 days until Harry Potter 6 comes out! I should probably cheer up.

Anyways, another thing I wanted to post, was that I finished this unsolicited cover for the New Yorker that I've been working on. I'm going to send it to them and say, "HEY. PRINT THIS." If they do, I'll be all set. If they don't (and they PROBABLY won't) I can still put it in my Portfolio. I learned a BUNCH making it, so that's good...

We're having a big party in our apartment tonight, but I'm not really in the mood to be surrounded by people in a small space... (I'm almost NEVER in that mood!) Uggh.

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