Alone Time

Mon 5/30/2005

SO... yeah. It has been a weird couple of days...

Gabe and Kelly took off for Oberlin EARLY Thursday morning, for their 5th year reunion. And Nich and Ilana have been gone for the long weekend, so I've been alone in the apartment for the last 4+ days. It's been okay actually. With Gabe here and with all the trips we've been taking I've had very little "alone time" this month and have definitely not gotten as much work done as I wanted to. So I had a good chance to be by myself and catch up on various projects.

The main thing I wanted to get done this month was The Dvorak Zine. And I really had to haul ass the past few days to get that done (penciling AND inking 2 pages a day--about 8-10 hours of work). But I did it and it is about 99.99% done (still working on some minor details). And I REALLY like how it turned out. I can't wait for everyone to see it. Keep checking the website for updates that will be coming.

It's just been weird because I have been pretty depressed lately (because of friends leaving, having to go back to work this week, etc. etc) and I realized that I've somehow built up a crappy set of distractions for this phase of my life. If you couldn't tell from the front page, I tend to think in terms of INPUT and OUTPUT. So I work on Comics (output) and things until I need a break. Then I read some Comics or watch a movie (input) usually while I eat or whatever and then I go back to work.

So I've been really sad, and working a lot. "I know!" I'll think, "I can go to STAR WARS!!! That'll cheer me up!" So I go. And it IS great to be able to go to a Star Wars movie in the theatres--a pleasure I will sorely miss come summer's end--but if you've actually SEEN "Revenge of the Sith" you know that it's not exactly a cheer-you-up film. I've yet to make it through once without crying. And I've seen it FIVE TIMES.

I also happen to be reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" wich is INCREDIBLE, but also really sad and depressing. You know...the HOLOCAUST and all that. And then the Comic Book that I'm reading right now is "Our Cancer Year" which is all about Harvey Pekar (one of my Comics heroes) getting cancer. Ugggggghhhhh.

So as a reprieve, I've been rewatching Kelly's "My So-Called Life" DVDs while I've been inking. They haven't been in the apartment for a long time (since I watched them in like 3 days when I was sick back in...? January?) But they magically appeared and have been helping me get my inking done without being TOO morose. There's nothing quite like awkward mid-90s teenage drama to keep that rapidograph movin!

I've also been walking across the street and sitting on the benches in Central Park and penciling there instead of in the apartment. It's been okay. I'm DREADING the heat and humidity of this summer, so I have to enjoy Spring while it lasts.

Anyways, people should be getting back tomorrow and then I will resume my working schedule. Gabe is going straight from one airport to the next, to go to Spain, so I won't see him again for a long time. It's been a great month of my life and I want to thank him and everyone else who participated for making it so much fun.

Alright... back to it...

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