Self Publishing RULES!!!!

Sun 6/5/2005

Okay, this is going to be quick, as it's 1am and I'm going to try and run to the post office (at 8am) BEFORE I call the temp agency at 9am. WHY??? Because I have been working ALL DAY putting together the next PHASE 7 COMICS mailing!!!

I have to say, I have this stuff DOWN. Graham Smith has this album called "Graham Smith is the coolest person alive" and that's how I felt all day today. In less than 48 hours I wrote, penciled, inked, scanned, laid out, printed, trimmed, coallated(sp?) stapled and stamped an 8 page mini comic with a print run of 100 copies. ALL BY MYSELF. ON 100% REUSED PAPER. My first couple of mini comics were a little rough, but I feel like they are coming out really nice now (the PRODUCTION quality) and I am making them FAST and EFFICIENTLY. So anyways, I had to just toot my own horn there for a second. Toot toot toot.

It is just about the most exciting thing ever for me to send my Comics to people. Tomorrow morning I am sending the Dvorak zine ALL over the country (something like 18 states?) and also to SPAIN, JAPAN, AFRICA and IRAQ. Self publishing is the coolest thing in universe. I'm not kidding. EVERYONE should make a zine about something they care about!

Anyways, I went down to PHILLY this weekend because my parents were in town. I hadn't seen them in 6 months, so it was good to touch base. We all went to Star Wars, which was great fun. Beforehand, I told my folks about this mini-lecture I had given Stephanie right before I watched Episode III with her and Ilana (because Steph hadn't seen Ep. II) and my parents thought we should do it again before OUR viewing. So before we went to the movie I gave a lecture to my Parents, one of their friends, my Uncle, my sister and some various cousins and their spouses. I had a huge sheet of paper and made diagrams and EVERYTHING explaining the prequels. It took over an HOUR, but everyone's questions were answered and they all agreed (even Galen, who had already seen it!) that they understood it and enjoyed it more than they would have without the lecture. So THAT was cool. I know those movies backwards and forwards now. (duh!)

Okay, I should go to sleep. I just wanted to let everyone (or LOTS of you) know to keep an eye on your mailboxes...

And HEY. Start getting excited, only THIRTY-NINE days until Harry Potter 6 !!!! (DAVID ENGELBERG I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!)

Anyways, I'm rambling. Goodnight!

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