It's like I'm UNEMPLOYED.

Tue 6/7/2005

I woke up at 7am this morning, stretched my back, picked out my "office" clothes, packed a lunch for myself and then joined the manhattan morning rush hour crowd for the first time in a LONG time. I got to the place five minutes early and sat down in their waiting area. A receptionist appeared and I told her I was the temp. She notified some supervisor who came out a few minutes later...

"You're Alex, right?" she asked, "I hate to do this, but... well... We stayed really late last night and FINISHED the project that we THOUGHT we needed you for. So... yeah..."

AWESOME. So I called the temp agency to tell them that there WAS no job for me and they said to just come over to the agency's office and they'd find something else for me. So I hopped back on the subway and went uptown to the temp agency. I sat there for TWO HOURS and they were unable to find anything for me. (I got PAID for those two hours at least!)

Anyways, so I came all the way home again. Between the 45 minute trip to "work," the two hours in the lobby of the temp agency and the 30 minute trek home I FINISHED The Diary of Anne Frank which was pretty amazing. Everyone who knew I was reading that book would say, "Oh! Isn't it SO DEPRESSING?" And I really don't think it was. I mean it was HORRIBLE what she had to go through, but if you've read it, you know how strong she was and how she always kept her hopes up, even in the face of all that danger. It ends so suddenly. It is just chugging along and then August 4th, 1944. That's it. I didn't cry through the whole book, but I was SOBBING reading the Epilogue, to hear what became of all these people and to Anne.

I listened to Neutral Milk Hotel for the rest of the day and it seemed much sadder and beautiful than normal (Anne Frank is kind of Jeff Magnum's MUSE).

ANYWAYS, so I was home and it was about lunch time and I was ANTSY. It was similar to a feeling that I used to have in Portland when I was UNEMPLOYED. That nervous energy where you've turned in 20 applications, but you are still waiting to hear back. So I did today what I would do back then: KEEP BUSY. I jotted down a list of things to do and then I DID THEM.

I SERIOUSLY cleaned my room, swept the whole apartment, mopped the bathroom and kitchen, cleaned the entire bathroom, took out a bunch of trash and recycling, paid some bills, balanced my checkbook, and did some dishes! I drew some Comics too... but not much... I'm working on a REALLY difficult page right now. (EMOTIONALLY difficult) So I'm sort of avoiding working on it... (more on this later...)

The other thing I did was FINALLY finalize the design of my next Cardboard Chair! I had been agonizing over this for a long time because what I REALLY wanted to do with this one was emulate the original Frank Gehrey Cardboard Chair design. But tonight as I was sketching out designs I realized that I just CAN'T make that chair right now. I don't have the tools or the space (or the cardboard!) So I'm keeping it pretty basic again, with mostly right angles. It will have ONE curved contour (the exact shape of my back in proper sitting posture!) so I'll at least get to tackle that challenge and I'm also going to build a SHELF into it, to maximize the use of SPACE here in my small apartment!

Once the shape was decided the REALLY hard part is figuring out the "layers." It took a bit of mental exercise (which I NEEDED!) and a lot of erasing. I already learned a lot by making the first chair though, so this one should be a little easier. Plus I'm starting with A LOT better cardboard this time, with more full-sheets which will help maintain the shape and also the strength. I need to buy some more GLUE and a good MATTE-KNIFE and I'll be off to the races... Hopefully I can get it done this summer. It's been SO LONG since I really BUILT something!

So anyways, a day in the life... I'm starting to feel a little self-conscious about the LENGTH of these recent entries, but I think it's just because I'm going kind of stir crazy. I need to get back to WORK!!!

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