Thu 6/9/2005

Nate and I have been SAVED!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the recipient of the Alec Longstreth 2005 STAND-UP GUY award: BWANA SPOONS!!!

Bwana heard about our woes with MoCCA (them losing our paperwork, us not being able to table at the event) and GRACIOUSLY offered us 1/4 of his full table. So Nate and I have 1'-6" worth of table space from which to pitch our wares!!! HOORAY FOR BWANA SPOONS!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

The UP side of this is that now Nate and I can go to BOTH days of MoCCA and SELL our stuff (instead of JUST trading) the down side is that I was preparing to just trade, so I suddenly need to come up with more PHASE 7 issues to sell. "Luckily" (???!) my temp agency has STILL not found me a new position, so I've spent the morning making reprints, and maybe I'll have the afternoon too... We'll see how it all plays out... Nate flys in from Portland TONIGHT!

Also, I started the cardboard chair last night! It's 1/2" thick!!! Only 1'-5 1/2" to go...

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