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Mon 6/20/2005

JESUS. It feels like this has been one of the craziest weeks OF MY LIFE. Sat/Sun was MoCCA. Monday I went back to work full time (first time in SIX WEEKS) at AIGA again. That night Nate and I went to Episode III because he hadn't seen it yet (???!). Tuesday after work we went to figure drawing at the Society of Illustrators. Wednesday after work we went out to dinner (Nate's last night in town). Thursday night I went to a going away party for my friend Robyn, who moved to Vermont to help with the new Center for Cartooning Studies. And Friday night? Friday night I stayed up late into the night working on the Dvorak Zine website, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER NIGHT THIS WEEK!

Yeah, it has just been crazy. Staying up until 2AM answering emails, working on the site, making zines, addressing envelopes, then waking up at 7AM (I'm not trying to--my body just won't let me rest!) and getting in a few hours of Dvorak work before heading off to work.

TOTAL. MADNESS. I am pretty worn out after 5 days of that. (I think I might be getting sick?--UGH). I also had my first migraine headache in TWO YEARS (??!) yesterday. Not much fun there.

Luckily the madness has slowed down QUITE a bit as the slashdot effect starts to wear off. I was actually able to catch up on my sleep this weekend, get some more updates into the site, draw some Comics (for MYSELF!), write a letter or two, and even hang out with some friends! So all in all, not a bad weekend. Or PRODUCTIVE at least.

But now it's 1am again (agggh!) and I really should get some sleep. My goal for this week is to settle back into that predictable "wake up / go to work / come home and draw Comics" routine. Well, that mixed with some Dvorak work. Y'ALL ARE TYPING DVORK NOW, RIGHT?????

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