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Fri 6/24/2005

WHY do I keep staying up so late??? ACK! Anyways, it's happened again, but I've had a million "blog-ish" things floating around in my head this week, so I figured I better bite the bullet and update the site. Even if it DOES mean being up even later. (Ugh).

You know that saying "burning the candle at both ends"? Well, I feel like I've figured out a way to carve out some of the wax in the MIDDLE of the candle, pull out the wick a little and actually burn it at both ends AND in the middle. Seriously--I already sort of lead this double life (9-5 office worker by day, Comics artist by night), but now it's as though I'm leading a TRIPLE life because I'm ALSO the self-proclaimed leader of the Dvorak Revolution. Things have slowed down considerably on the email front, but Frunch Gabe and I are still working hard on updating the site. Luckily, once all the content is in place I should be able to reclaim my life. Maybe in another 2 weeks? Yeah... for now though, no matter how hard I try to avoid it, I end up working on that damn site for HOURS every night when I SHOULD be drawing Comics!

And now a couple of TOTALLY RANDOM things I was going to rant about, but will now only give you the short versions because I need to go to sleep:

1) I HATE HIGH HEELS - I don't like the way they look, I don't like how they make women walk, they are dangerous and they look uncomfortable on people's feet. A bunch of women tottering around uncomfortably??? WHO'S IDEA WAS THIS? The thought has passed through my mind this week: "I would not be attracted to a girl wearing shoes that would prevent me from running up to her and giving her a big hug without KNOCKING HER OVER." It's the same reason I hate make-up. I can't touch your face? WTF????

2) CHAIRS SHOULD BE MORE LIKE BIRTH CONTROL - There are like 3 or 4 different kinds of birth control, all of which are 99.99% effictive when taken properly. And BECAUSE of that, you basically CAN'T release a new kind of birth control unless it is 99.99% effective (or better!). Because seriously, WHAT'S THE POINT? Right? If you make some crappy 78% effective birth control method, why the hell would anyone use it when there are 4 other kinds that are 99% effective?? They WOULDN'T!

The point is, the chairs they have at work are SUPER uncomfortable and it pisses me off! My back hurts EVERY day! Why does every goddamned furniture maker have to REINVENT THEIR version of the chair??? There are GREAT chair designs out there. Like those hardback Shaker chairs that are like 100 years old, or those hi-tech Herman Miller chairs. I SAY once there is a great chair design that you can sit in and not have your back hurt, EVERY goddamned chair should have to meet that benchmark! (pun intended)

3) I like it when a couple is walking in front of me in morning rush hour and then they suddenly stop and kiss eachother good-bye and then part ways. Like they got ready for work together, had breakfast, took the subway and then walked with eachother as far as they could and THEN said good-bye on 6th avenue. That's alright by me.

4) THE WEATHER - It's been REALLY nice in New York for about the last week. Like SEATTLE-esqe summer weather. It's really nice, but I've been cooped up at work and in my apartment the whole time, which is totally depressing. Plus, it won't last. I know it. UGH.

5) SEATTLE - Speaking of my HOMELAND, I am getting excited to go home for almost two weeks in August. I'm going to swim in the lake, walk my dog in the woods, look at the stars, talk to my mom and dad, draw comics and play my old Rivers guitar in the basement as loud as I want. And maybe play my TRUMPET!

6) CHANGES - There is so much exciting stuff coming up in my life. It's gonna be like a WHOLE NEW NEW YORK. Aaron gets here in like TWO WEEKS and his NEW BOOK will be coming out shortly after that, Tom and Sara got ENGAGED (WOOOO!) and are probably moving up to 122nd which is much closer to where I live, Carolyn is moving to New York soon soon soon AND it's only 21 days until Harry Potter 6 comes out! Then I'm going to Seattle, then I'm starting ART SCHOOL.

LIFE!!! SLEEP! Oh, wait... Right. Sleep. Goodnight!

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