10 months: 0 moves

Fri 7/1/2005

Today is July 1st, 2005. That means that I have been living in New York City for TEN MONTHS now. And if I'm not mistaken, that is longest period of time I have lived in ONE PLACE without moving since I was in high school, living with my parents. When you consider I that I moved SEVEN times in the 2 years before this, it is a pretty nice change of pace.

My friend Laura just drove across the country, moving from New Jersey to Tuscon, Arizona. And Aaron left Portland and is driving across the country right now. (He should arrive in New York next week!) Tom and Sara just found a great place out in the Bronx where they will be moving and I guess Carolyn is wandering around New York this week trying to find a place to move. Lindsay is moving back to the USA after TWO WHOLE YEARS of living in Japan. And I think Charlotte just moved into a new place in Chicago too.

Everybody's moving! EXCEPT ME. I'm staying put. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

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