Light Color & Design #10 


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This was a very bizarre, complex assignment. We had six 8" x 10" panels and six catagories of elements: animal, plant, food, electronic device, mode of transportation and building. In each successive panel we were supposed to either ADD an element (going from 1 to 6 elements) or SUBTRACT elements (going from 6 to 1) while trying to keep some sort of continuity throughout the six panels. Got it? (???)

So I tackled this problem by drawing a dog stealing a bunch of dog food, a house plant and a TV and making a mad dash away from his owners house in the family truck. He crashes the truck and all of the various objects go flying. The continuity is created by the various trajectories of the objects and the dog. Needles to say, this was pretty fun to draw.

CLICK HERE to see a larger, scrollable version of this piece.

5'-0" x 8" - Tempera Paint and India Ink - December 2005