Illustration II #10 


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Our final Illustration II assignment was to design and make a "self-promotional mailer." A lot of freelance artists (like Illustrators!) make little postcards to showcase their work, which they then send to art directors and publications, etc. I wanted mine to reflect my comics work, as well as my preferred way of working (ink with digital color).

So I made a little book, which has been "exploded" here. The black pages are the covers and inside covers, while the "story" panels are the guts of the book. So it's either 4 pages, or 8 depending on how you want to think about it. Then I just address it and throw a stamp on the back.

This was SO MUCH FUN to work on, but also a ton of work. But now I can actually use it! Woo! (sorry about the HUGE image size...)

8 @ 7" x 5" - Ink and Photoshop - April 2006