Photography Final 


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For our final photography project we were told to work in teams and to come up with a "series of narrative photographs" which to me just meant COMICS. My partner was Desiree who took all of these photos. We decided to work with the main elements that we had been working with all semester: Black and White.

So the first half is outside, where the character is overwhelmed by darkness. These photos were all printed by Desiree. She also added the darkness effect by "burning" the prints (old school!).

The second half is inside, where the character is returned to lightness. These photos were all printed by me. I added the glowing effects by "dodging" the prints (no computers used!)

This was A LOT of work, storyboarding the whole thing, shooting on weekends, and lots and lots of hours in the darkroom. The end result could have been better I guess, but for now I'm happy with it (and that it's DONE!)

10 @ 5" x 7" - Black and White prints - April/May 2006