Printmaking #10 


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This was a semester-long project for our printmaking class. We had to produce two prints per week for 15 weeks, by carving into styrofoam plates. I chose to do mine as a story, which my friend Lindsay Sharp came up with a few years ago, about a scarf.

I have scanned the 30+ prints and will eventually print them up as a minicomic for all to enjoy, but for the final project for this class, we had to make a book out of our prints. I chose to bind mine inside a wool sweater cover, since the wool was reminiscent of the scarf in the story.

I started by binding together two pieces of paperboard with strips of fabric. Then, using hot glue, I stretched a piece of a giant sweater I got at a thrift store, over the book plates. Next I glued in some nice paper, as the "end papers" to keep everything neat and tidy.

Next I bound the 30+ prints using an ancient Japanese bookbinding stitch. I did this with one sheet of thick paper going behind the prints and overlapping the binding edge. I then was able to coat the thick paper with glue and just stick it directly onto the back of the book. So when you open the cover, the book is attached to the back plate, ready to flip through!

I have made two of these (one for Lindsay, one for my parents) and I have enough materials to make four more, though it takes almost 10 hours to construct one! I'm hoping to make the final four copies, which I will try to sell, but like I said, a minicomic version will be available to everyone who wants to just read the story!

This was a MASSIVE project, and it was really hard to keep up with all of the carving each week, and to put the book together at the end, but it is one of my favorite things I have made in art school so far. Making books is fun!!!

16" x 13" - Cardboard, Wool Sweater, Oriental Printmaking Paper, Styrafoam Prints with water-based printmaking ink, glue, hot glue, love - December 2006