Drawing IV #10 


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I don't know if anyone noticed, but I totally stopped posting Drawing IV assignments about half way through the semester. It was because of this GIGANTIC project that took up the whole second half of the semester. A project that I HATED, but also sort of enjoyed...

In the 1940s picasso did a series of lithographs of a bull. In each successive image the bull got more and more abstract. We had to exactly redraw (scaled up, by eye) EIGHT of these bulls. Which was SO TEDIOUS I'm not even going to get into it. It tooks COUNTLESS HOURS redrawing these damn bulls. Above are my drawings, I'm not going to post the Picassos, but I'll tell you, THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME.

Afterwards we had to put tracing paper over each drawing and then slide them over one drawing, to see how certain points (or "nodes") remained in the same places while Picasso moved things around.

If you think of this a certain way (and I do...) it's Comics. Which is the only part of this I liked. And really, I'm pretty sure the instructor CHOSE this project because I had loaned him some Comics over winter break. Sequence! Woo! But also, NEVER AGAIN.

8 @ 12" x 9" - India Ink - March, April, May 2007