Interviews / Writings

Name Date Interviewer Topics
An Interview with Cartoonist Alec Longstreth 6/6/16 Jake Grubman How my cartooning process has changed from Basewood to Isle of Elsi
Able Alec Longstreth and Jumpin' Jon Chad on the CCS Summer Workshops 8/8/13 Carl Antonowicz The CCS Summer Workshops
The End of a Hair-a 4/24/12 Jen Vaughn Cutting my beard off, future comics projects.
Zine Scene: Phase 7 1/11/12 Mallory Gevaert Phase 7
Small Press Expo 2011 9/10/11 Rusty & Joe Comics, Phase 7, Pinball
Dans ta bulle: Épisode 143 5/19/11 Julie Delporte & Christophe Magnette (translation by Max de Radiguès!) Phase Sept (this entire interview is in French!)
Stumptown Comics Fest 2011 4/16/11 Drew Anderson Phase 7, Minicomics, Pinball
Beard Love 11/15/10 Matthew Murray Comics, Facial Hair 7/13/10 Derek Neuland Phase 7, self-publishing, Basewood, future projects
Heroes Con 2010 6/6/10 Technorama Phase 7!
The Changing Face of the Upper Valley 3/20/10 The Valley News Moving to Vermont from New York City
Main and Longstreth on MySpace DHP Debuts 5/12/09 Comic Book Resources My Dark Horse Presents contribution
TCAF 2009 Interview 5/9/09 RGB Filter (starts at 4:35) Phase 7, and in-depth discussion about Print On Demand
Indie Spinner Rack #153 4/12/09 Charlito and Mr. Phil

How to Make a minicomic, part 2!

Indie Spinner Rack #138 9/4/08 Charlito and Mr. Phil Minicomics history, how-to
Indie Spinner Rack #98 10/31/07 Mr. Phil I fill in for Charlie, to cover SPX 07 with Mr. Phil
Indie Spinner Rack #49 1/2 9/26/06 Charlito and Mr. Phil Phase 7 #010
Indie Spinner Rack #18 2/16/06 Charlito and Mr. Phil Phase 7 #006
"THE SCHEDULE" 10/3/05 Make Comics Forever! An article I wrote about trying to get a lot of work done as a cartoonist
An Illustrated Me 8/26/04 Erik Henriksen Indie Comics artists living in Portland, OR in 2004