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Basewood by Alec Longstreth

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Adventure! Mystery! Tree houses! A Wolf-Dragon! Basewood tells the story of a young man who wakes up in the woods, with no memory of how he got there. The reader follows along as our hero tries to uncover the details of his mysterious past while he fights for his survival.

Print Edition:

9"x12", 216-page, hardcover book. Full-color, textured cover with debossed title. One-color endpapers, offset-printed black and white interiors. ISBN: 978-0-9853004-7-0

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*Q: Why is the international shipping so expensive???

A: Basewood is a big (9" x 12"), heavy (3 lb.), hardback book! Inside the USA it can be sent using Media Mail, but outside the USA it must be shipped using First Class International mail, which is very expensive. Sorry!

eBook Edition:

212-page, DRM-free, PDF file for only $9.99
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ISBN: 978-0-9853004-3-2

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Reviews of Basewood:

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Press Release: Basewood_PressRelease.pdf (130k)


Cover JPG: Small (300px tall, 24k)
Medium (500px tall, 72k)
Large (800px tall, 193k)
2014 Prix Bulles De Cristal
(15-18 year old category)
2005 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Minicomic
(Basewood: Chapter 1)

Basewood characters, stories and art are ©2014 Alec Longstreth

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Songs From the Basewood

A Rock Opera by Andy Hentz and Alec Longstreth

In 2009, composer Andy Hentz and cartoonist Alec Longstreth began collaborating on a rock opera adaptation of Longstreth's graphic novel Basewood, inspired by the music of Harry and the Potters and Weezer's lost album, Songs From the Black Hole. They wrote dozens of songs over the next five years, and when the Basewood Kickstarter went well over its funding goal, the decision was made to use these additional funds to produce the album and to get it professionally mixed and mastered.

The end result is an 18-track album (plus four bonus B-Sides!) with a full band and one vocalist for each of the five main characters of Basewood. This musical retelling of Basewood goes deeper into the story and gives you insights into each of the characters' thoughts, feelings and motivations.

Digital Edition:

Stream the entire album on this page or over on for FREE!

You can also download the entire album as MP3, FLAC or other high-quality file formats from for $7.00


Songs From the Basewood CD
Phase 7 #020

Phase 7 #020 Deluxe Edition:

This very special, 68-page issue of Alec Longstreth's long-running minicomic, Phase 7 served as a companion volume for Basewood. It included an audio CD of Songs From the Basewood (plus a download code for an additional digital copy of the album) as well as all of the lyrics for Songs From the Basewood.

If this wasn't enough, there ws also 44 pages of concept drawings, character designs and other materials from the making of the Basewood graphic novel. Although all physical copies of Phase 7 #020 have sold out, you can read the entire issue online for free.

Songs From the Basewood is ©2014 Andy Hentz and Alec Longstreth

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