My name is Alec Longstreth. I'm an award-winning cartoonist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA! On this site you can read my personal blog, and find links to my other online projects.

Alec Longstreth Self Portrait


  • Phase Seven Comics - The online home of my minicomic Phase 7. You can order my self-published books and minicomics and read hundreds of pages of comics for free in the online archive.
  • Isle of Elsi - My award-winning, Eisner-nominated free fantasy webcomic for kids! (updates Thursdays)
  • Miscellaneous - Here on my personal site you can read many of my 24-Hour Comics and other random comics from over the years.


  • Alec Illustration - My portfolio website, where you can see some of my best illustration work.
  • Illustration Blog - Process posts about the creation of my illustrations, as well as lots of work that didn't make it into my portfolio.


  • @AlecAnimation - My animation-specific instagram account where I post projects, exercises, and reviews of animation books and resources.
  • Vimeo - An account where I post my best animation work, and an annual recap of my learning.


P.O. Box 8907
Santa Fe, NM 87504

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