Domestika Black Friday Sale

This month my Autobio Comics course on Domestika crossed 1,000 students! For the next couple of days the online learning platform is having its Black Friday sale where over 1,000 courses are discounted. To celebrate 1,000 students I also set up this discount code, which takes off an additional 15%:


That expires on December 22, 2022. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the course so far! It has been really cool seeing so many folks from all over the world create their first page of comics on there.

Instagram Reorganization

I recently reorganized my three instagram accounts, in an attempt to set clearer boundaries so that I can feel less stress and guilt while using the platform.

@phasesevencomics will continue to be my personal account with photos from my life, but moving forward it will be a LOCKED account with access only granted to people I actually know. I will no longer post comics updates over there.

@isleofelsi will now be my comics account (for Phase 7, Isle of Elsi, and any other book projects). I have started following cartoonists colleagues and friends on there, and am now more open to "networking" with other cartoonists I have not met before. (Similar to my twitter account).

@alecanimation will continue to be my place to post my animation projects. The main change will be that I will no longer follow cartoonists on there, to try and keep that specific timeline filled with only animation artists!

If you follow me on any of these three accounts, thanks! I hope these changes will allow us to connect in a more personal way.

SPX (I will not be there) & CXC (I will be there) 2022

I had originally planned to be at The Small Press Expo this September 17 and 18 in Bethesda, Maryland. Unfortunately, due to various family considerations, it will not be possible for me to attend. Thankfully my old comics pal Greg Means has generously offered to hawk a few of my comics from his Tugboat Press table (D2). It goes without saying that SPX is one of the very best indie comics shows around. If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out! There are going to be so many amazing cartoonists there, especially since it will be the first in-person show in three years! I hope everyone has a great time.

I still plan on exhibiting at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus October 6-9 in Columbus, Ohio. I'll have lots of Phase 7 and Isle of Elsi comics for sale, as well as some Phase 8 Publishing titles. On Sunday 10/9 from 3-4pm I will also be co-hosting a "Webcomics 101" panel with A. "Junior" Vigorito. It's been five years since I was last at CXC, so I'm very excited to return to this great show! If you are in or around Ohio you should swing by! In addition to all the great cartoonists who will be there, there are also exhibits and tours at the one-of-a-kind Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum!


Twenty years ago today I took my vow to "Draw Comics EVERY Day." I made the video above to commemorate two decades of this practice! It features all of my hand-drawn calendars that I use to log my comics progress, as well as some photos documenting all the different places I drew these comics. There are also some "stats" at the end.

Deciding to draw comics every day was one of the smartest things I ever did! Not only did it help me stay productive as a cartoonist, it also enabled me to become a part of the worldwide comics community, making lifelong friends with other cartoonists and interacting with hundreds of wonderful readers over the years.

You can read all of my comics for free online, download $0+ ebooks, or order physical copies at these sites:

I am very much looking forward to the next twenty years of "Draw Comics EVERY Day!"