Isle of Elsi Book Two cover and print specifications

Now that all the Kickstarter copies of Isle of Elsi Book Two have been sent out, it is publicly available for purchase online! You can also download a pay-what-you want PDF eBook over in my Ko-Fi shop. You can see a preview of the hardback print edition below:

This second collection of my award-winning, Eisner-nominated webcomic Isle of Elsi contains the fourth, fifth, and sixth storylines. These were originally serialized online from 2018-2022 and were reprinted in Isle of Elsi Adventures #1-5. If this sounds confusing, check out the new Isle of Elsi Continuity Chart that I set up to help people understand where stories have been printed before.

There were so many Isle of Elsi comics available, I decided to set up a Big Cartel online shop, to help simplify the online shopping experience. You can easily add activity books, or copies of Book One to your order. Check it out!