I created this little animated piece to celebrate Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse FINALLY entering the public domain.

I did all the key pose and breakdown animation drawings on paper, then in-betweened the rest digitally using Toon Boom Harmony, which I also used for digital ink and paint. The three backgrounds were done traditionally with ink wash on watercolor paper.

I cut up the original soundtrack to piece together the music and sound effects. It took me about 38 hours to create these 38 seconds of animation, mostly late at night after my kids went to bed.

It felt like an animation history lesson animating these characters! It was also really freeing to animate in the ‘20s “rubber hose” style. Need the character to grab something? Just stretch their arms! Any time I tried to add some overlap, I had to go back and take it back out, because it looked wrong in this context.

Anyway, you can learn more about the importance of the public domain at the Center for the Study of the Public Domain.