Settling In...

Sun 9/19/2004

Well, the last of my boxes from Seattle arrived. So I have all of my stuff (pfew!) I should note that people sending me mail should remember to put "APARTMENT #6C" on there, because if you don't, I have to go down to the post office to pick it up! Also, I bought a bed, which should be here by Tuesday and then the only thing left to get is my drafting table! WOO!

New York is good. It has been cooling off which is GREAT. I walked about 50 blocks through central park today, which was very calming. Without that park I think the people of New York would all kill eachother in about 5 minutes. I CAN NOT wait for Autumn (my favorite season) and to see all these weird deciduous trees turn orange. I'm also looking forward to another East coast winter--it's been a while!

There is not much else to report. I'm looking for a job, I've got some interviews lined up, etc. etc. I'm still drawing a lot and having fun scripting the next chapter of Basewood. Chapter 1 is due back from the printer ANY DAY now (pant pant pant). So start checking your mailboxes!

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