Mon 7/4/2005

I think at one point or another almost every person I've ever known has made fun of my eating habits. Friends, housemates, girlfriends, co-workers, family members. Sometimes it's because of WHAT I eat (mostly packaged foods that are easy to prepare) or because I always eat the SAME THING.

Well, to my defense: I AM STILL ALVIE. And healthy! (?) Also, I can go through a supermarket in 15 minutes and have EVERYTHING that I will need to eat for an entire week. Plus my preparation time for meals is extremely small and usually allows for multi-tasking while things are cooking. So I don't have to spend a bunch of time making food (just for MYSELF) and can instead DRAW with my limited ammount of after-work time.

Basically, I see food as FUEL. And treat it accordingly. I have been known to say things such as "I hate food" or "if I could take a pill instead of having to eat a whole meal I WOULD" or there is always the old Longstreth Family adage (from my grandma) "What's the point of buying more food if the kids are just going to EAT it?" I often FORGET to eat meals, because I'd rather just keep drawing or working on a project. Food is not that important to me! In recent years some of my friends have pointed out that maybe I don't have a very strong sense of TASTE.

Over the years, TONS of people have tried to convince me that food is this great thing that should be appreciated and savored. That making and eating food is a great way to be social--to share a good meal with friends. My usual response to this is a dismissive "Yeah yeah yeah..." I mean, I NEVER eat out because I can't afford to, and 99.99% of my meals are for MYSELF, so I don't really CARE if it's some exotic, great-tasting thing. I just want something that doesn't take long to prepare and that will keep me ALIVE.

Does anyone ELSE think it's bizarre that we shovel a bunch of food into our mouths just to crap it out a few hours later? And we have to do that CONSTANTLY or we die??? Who came up with this plan?!

ANYWAYS, for whatever reason, I was thinking about all of this the other night and I thought, "(sigh) I guess I should probably learn how to cook." !!?!

Yeah... It's not that anyone gave me some great argument that finally "broke the camel's back" or anything, it just seems like a good idea. For LIFE. I mean hopefully at some point I WON'T be eating 99.99% of my meals by myself, or if I wanted to eat something OTHER than my usual "Fuel-Efficency" diet I could. I don't want to be that Dad who only knows how to make pancakes and toast...

So I set a goal to cook one "for-reals" meal a week. This works well because when I go to the supermarket for my weekly fuel refilling, I can purchase a few extra ingredients for something "real" that I'll make. This week it was Nate's recipe for Black Bean Veggie Burgers. I made them Saturday night before Kelly and Ria and I went to see this show that my housemate Nich is performing in. They actually turned out alright, I think. Kelly and Ria said they were good and no one got sick. So...? Yeah. I've also set up plans with Tom (who LOVES to cook) to trade off Sundays where he'll cook a meal and then I'll cook a meal. So that should be good practice. We'll see how it goes...

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i can go into glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and electron transport right now, and why your cells are crying out for a better nutritionally balanced diet...but for now i'll just say the veggie burgers were good, and i hope you continue to experiment in the kitchen, b/c you're walkin' the line on ketosis, buddy!

the roommate Aug12

Yeah Kelly, it's too bad I couldn't have come in to your nutrition class as a FREAK OF NATURE. But I guess you're already done by now...

I'm already plotting the meal I'm going to cook for the first Muppets Night. It's gonna be good!

Alec Aug12

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