Big Things are afoot!

Sat 9/25/2004

Big Thing #1) PHASE 7 #005 has shipped to the subscribers!!! Yes, that's right folks, start checking your mailboxes because the latest issue of my comic is on its way to you as I type this. I hope everyone enjoys it! If you don't have a subscription you can head over to the Comics Section and order a copy!

Big Thing #2) I forgot to mention that PHASE 7 got a write up in the Portland Mercury! They interviewed a bunch of my friends and me about our self-published Comics. I get kind of excited when I talk about Comics, so I ended up getting quoted a few times, which was pretty cool.

Big Thing #3) The STAR WARS DVDS are out!!! Yes, after a long wait, the original Star Wars trilogy is on DVD. I'm slowly going through them with my Jedi Companions Tom and Asher. We're trying to take our time though... We have to make this last until the Episode III trailer comes out!

Big Thing #4) My sister Courtney is in AFRICA!?! Yup, she arrived safely in Eritrea and is already having all sorts of adventures. From a recent email: "A pack of about 200 baboons crossed our path and caused some rocks to fall on the road. Massawa was HOT!!"

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