Weekend Warrior

Tue 8/23/2005

NOT ONLY did I get a lot of drawing done this weekend, but I also did a bunch of fun, awesome stuff on my breaks away from the drafting table.

Saturday I met Stephanie at the American Museum of Natural History which I hadn't been to since I was about 10 years old. It was still REALLY COOL. The COOLEST parts being (of course) the DINOSAUR SKELETONS and the GIGANTIC (life sized!!??!) Blue Whale model in the Ocean Life section. Steph braved the ticketing process, which we weren't sure about, but it turns out it IS "suggested donation" so we got in for CHEAP! And now I can go back whenever I want. There was way too much to see in just one trip...

Then on Sunday I had invited a bunch of people over for MUPPETS NIGHT!!! As I mentioned before, the entire first season of the Muppet Show came out on DVD so I decided to celebrate by utilizing my new "cooking habit" (as I like to call it). I made a WHOLE CRAP LOAD of vegetarian sushi (enough for SEVEN people and there was still some left over!) which we gobbled up as we watched the Muppets. Good times!

Afterwards, Aaron and I made our way out to Brooklyn to see Graham Smith play a show at this really small venue in the back of some bar. There was this other guy backing him up on guitar which was a little weird, but it was still awesome. He had a few new songs which totally rocked.

So...yeah! I'm just trying to be as productive as possible for the rest of this week. Orientation for Pratt starts Thursday and then my FIRST DAY OF CLASSES (?!) is on MONDAY (?????????!)

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I've been watching the Muppet show a lot with my roommates and myself, it is pretty rad. You going to be able to get the next chapter of Basewood done for sure for SPX? I had to have my roommate make me a schedule so that I will be sure to finish what I need to.

Unfortunately I will NOT be done with the next chapter of Basewood in time for SPX. I know 12 pages doesn't seem like much, but they are 18" x 24" so it is a lot of ink to throw down. Plus I am going back to school, so I expect to have EVEN LESS time to work on it. I'm hoping to have it done and printed up by the end of 2005.

I WILL however, have one copy of the first 18 pages in a readable "ashcan" version. So swing by my table and get a sneak peak!

Good luck with finishing up your stuff. I can't wait to see what you've got!

Alec Aug23

I can't help but look at those four pictures at the top of the page and think, "Who'd win in a fight?"

I'd have to go with the sushi.

greg Aug24

The sushi does certainly appear to be more agile and ready for attack. Although the blinding blue aura behind kermit could prove confusing.

nate Aug24

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