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Sun 9/4/2005

Laura's Blog is in my bookmarks folder that I go through each night before I go to sleep. And lately she's been talking about the HORRIBLE hurricane/flood disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It made me feel so guilty in a way that seems to keep surfacing every few years. Namely that I am SO BAD at keeping up on current events.

I stopped watching TV in 1998, so I don't really get those little updates from news stations, I don't regularly check any news websites or RSS feeds, I don't read any newspapers (mostly because I can't stand the thought of encouraging a business that kills MILLIONS of trees each year just to distribute news that could be delivered electronically) and my radio listening is sporadic at best.

In L.A. I listened to NPR on the way to work (REALLY early) and then on my commute home (stuck in horrible L.A. traffic). In Portland I was living on a pretty consistent schedule that lined up well with the NPR schedule. I mostly listen to Morning Edition and then All Things Considered. But here in New York, those shows are on at 5am and 4pm respectively, which just don't work for me AT ALL. When I'm waking up, Morning Edition is just wrapping up and I'm usually still at work or in class at 4pm. UGH!

So anyways, in an effort to stay better informed I have subscribed to my very first "Podcasts". There are a series of 5-minute news summaries offered by NPR throughout the day. So I subscribed to the 7am and the 7pm editions. I'm hoping to start listening to the 7am one when I get up in the morning (when I'm stretching my back!) and then start listening to the 7pm one at somepoint in the evening when I'm drawing.

And hopefully just by knowing what's going on, I'll be more likely to follow up on stories or track down more information on things. I feel like that's an important part of being a responsible human being--to know what's going on around you!

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So which was better The Lizzie McGuire Movie or Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?

Also what up with the Center for Cartoon Studies thing? What are you going to be teaching?

Greg Sep07

*sigh* Okay, let me first say that I have been watching all these horrible teen movies because my housemate KELLY is getting them on Netflix and because my wrist has been hurting. When I have to rest my drawing hand, I often don't know what to do with myself, so watching a movie is a good 2-hour break. And as we've seen recently, I'll watch pretty much ANYTHING.

That all being said, "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" was WAY better than "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." It was also better that "A Cinderella Story" which had the same girl in it. I guess it was a TV show? So they had worked out some of the kinks beforehand...

*COUGH* Anyways! Aaron and I are going up to the Center for Cartoon Studies to give a small talk. I'm going to blab on about self-publishing (printing, subscriptions, distribution, street team, conventions, etc.) and show a bit of Basewood and then Aaron will wow them all with his amazing Spiral-Bound work. It should be fun!

Alec Sep07

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